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Let's say hello and get started!

Take a look at how we work: meet us at our offices, or choose any other place. We'll talk about your profession, explore your needs, discuss your future goals. We'll create a short summary for you and send it to you via email.

We're not that into paperwork, either.

Contracts and agreements are boring. Time-consuming. But they protect you, guaranteeing on-time delivery. We will first offer you a preliminary agreement. This will set into motion the initial phases of our collaboration: paperwork, and UX mocks.

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UX Models

Our UX specialist can't wait to start developing structure of your website or system so get your content and info ready. Once he receives all data from you, he'll create your UX model.

Design and colors

Once we get your approval, our graphic designer (aka “happiness maker”) will ready website layouts and sample. We'll make the final touches together.

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Scrum & Coding

We’ll first give you a full quote on all deliverables. Then we’ll move on to scrum. Scrum? Not to worry! It’s a very transparent, easy approach to organizing work flow into sprints: divides the entire process into weekly – or biweekly – tasks.

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